San Francisco EyeDirect rental

The EyeDirect is a revolutionary and deceptively simple method to hold your subject’s attention.

You can rent the EyeDirect as a substitute for the Interrotron or traditional off-camera interviews.

No monitor, electricity, or cables are required, so it’s perfect to rent for field shoots. The director just stands or sits next to the camera and connects with the subject in a natural conversation through the EyeDirect. Gestures and body language are easily seen, too.

And it’s not just for the director: the subject’s parent, handler, or wrangler can also supply natural eye contact and improve the shot tremendously. The EyeDirect Mark II has a second mirror that pivots vertically, which allows for different heights of the camera and interviewer.

Rent EyeDIrect in San Francisco and San Jose at Neil Tanner Teleprompting

It also has a great feature that lets a “one man band” director shoot video as well as interview. Very cool! The EyeDirect Mark II is the newer sibling of the original EyeLiner MP1 and the EyeDirect 16×9. It’s also a little bigger than the DSLR-only EyeDirect Mark E which we also offer. The Mark II lens opening is 140mm wide and will hold most lenses.

While Neil Tanner Teleprompting is based in San Francisco, our EyeDirect units are available for rental and can be shipped anywhere you need them.

The larger EyeDirect Mark II rental system includes:

• The EyeDirect Mark II with shipping case

• Mounting hardware that fits almost any camera, including a DSLR riser, lens donut, and toolkit

• Tablet teleprompter adapter

The smaller EyeDirect Mark E rental system includes:

• The EyeDirect Mark E with shipping case

• Mounting hardware that fits most prosumer/consumer camcorders, DSLR cameras, a lens donut, and a toolkit

• Tablet teleprompter adapter

We love the EyeDirect Mark II and Mark E and are happy to assist you with rentals today.