“Neil makes changes faster than anyone I have ever worked with. If you didn’t know he was back there, you’d swear it was your own brain making that thing roll!”

Jack Gallagher, Co-host MoneyTrack, Syndicated Public TV Series

Full Service Teleprompting

We offer a wide range of teleprompter and autocue equipment. Looking for executive speech prompters for live events or commencements? We supply presidential teleprompters and downstage monitors so you look confident on stage.

We have multiple studio systems and portable video camera teleprompters for Steadicam and handheld needs. We prompt in many languages, and have options for prompting outdoors in full sun, too. We’ll even create a custom prompter for you.  In our blogs we answer questions like “How does a teleprompter work?”

Remote Teleprompting

We pioneered remote teleprompting so you can stay safe on set — not just for COVID-19, but decades ago so producers or speakers don’t have to fly across the country. We also provide encoders for streaming your video.

More Than Teleprompters

We have what you need or will build it.

• Interrotron, EyeDirect and VoxBox Pro let you interview like Errol Morris.

• Teleprompter training and rehearsals save time and help you look great.

• Lyric teleprompters feed your words for your concert.

• Teleprompter reviews for when you need to buy or upgrade.

Want your VIP speaker to look confident while you save money?