We offer teleprompters for the entire Bay Area: San Francisco, San Jose, Marin, Sacramento, Monterey, Napa, and worldwide since 1993.

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“Neil makes changes faster than anyone I have ever worked with. If you didn’t know he was back there, you’d swear it was your own brain making that thing roll!”

Jack Gallagher
Co-host MoneyTrack
Syndicated Public TV Series

Full Service Teleprompting

An example of teleprompter textWe offer a wide range of teleprompter or autocue equipment. Looking for executive speech prompters? We supply presidential, downstage monitors, or projectors for live events.

We have multiple studio systems and portable video camera teleprompters for Steadicam and handheld needs. We prompt in many languages, and have options for prompting outdoors in full sun, too. We’ll even create a custom prompter for you.  In our blogs we answer the question “How does a teleprompter work?”

Teleprompter Rental

teleprompter iconEvery teleprompter we own is available for rental. This is the same gear we maintain and use every day so you know it has to be in great condition. Training is available for all equipment.

Our rental laptops come with the best teleprompter software installed. We also offer our monitors, DA/ switchers, signal adapters, batteries, and printers as rentals too. We ship worldwide from San Francisco to places like the South Pole, Hawaii, and Australia. Our gear and operators have traveled the world.

We’re More Than Teleprompters

The MirrorCam™We also offer direct-to-camera interview equipment like the Interrotron and EyeDirect.

• Need teleprompter speaker training?

• Want to rent a lyric teleprompter for a concert?

• Need info on purchasing teleprompting equipment?

• Want local crew suggestions?

We are experts and here to help you. Contact us today.

Four teleprompters from Neil Tanner, Inc on dolly, sliders, and jib. All with big Canon lenses for a high tech shoot.

Why hire us?

We’ve been teleprompting for over two decades in more than 20 states and 30 countries.

So we know the challenges and solutions involved in making you look great.

You could hire an inexperienced operator to save some money. You could even buy your own gear and have an intern run it. But what is your CEO’s time worth? We have what you need, now.

  • We offer integrity: Trust us with your executives, politicians, and confidential information.
  • We offer accuracy: Choose us when scripts have to be read perfectly for medical or legal.
  • We offer confidence: Hire us to efficiently exceed your expectations and wrap sooner.

We know you have choices when hiring teleprompter companies.

Thank you for considering Neil Tanner Inc Teleprompting Services.

While we often travel with our gear, even internationally, sometimes you just want a quick referral to a great teleprompter company in another area.

We’re proud to offer some wonderful teleprompting companies in the following cities:

Philadelphia & Delaware Teleprompter Rental

Your World Productions

New York Teleprompter Rental

American Movie Company

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