Teleprompter equipment

[st_row id_wrapper=”elm_59e890a092eea” ][st_column span=”span12″ id_wrapper=”elm_59e890a092ea6″ ][st_text id_wrapper=”elm_59e890a092e5c” ]There are many kinds of teleprompter equipment in the market today. Learn some of the most important considerations to ensure that you purchase the best film teleprompter equipment.

There is a lot of teleprompter equipment to choose from

Here’s several key questions you have to think about when buying a teleprompter, Teleprompter equipmentregardless of your preferred manufacturer, existing equipment, budget or prompting requirements. The first thing you need to consider is the distance of your presenter from the teleprompter to help determine the size of the teleprompter you need. There are a wide range of monitor sizes on the market, so that you can find a teleprompter that’s just right for your requirements. But note that whatever size and manufacturer you choose, you have to check that the television teleprompter equipment is compatible with your camera, tripod, and lens.

The main question around teleprompter equipment compatibility is weight

See if your tripod has sufficient payload capacity for the weight of your lens and camera, and the chosen teleprompter. There are so many first-time buyers who work with small cameras and tripod heads and don’t have anything appropriate for the weight of a teleprompter. The second question is if you can position your camera and lens in the back of the teleprompter glass to hood so that the eye line of the presenter is directly looking at the camera. This depends on the specific camera and lens you’re using, and the flexibility of the mounting system in your chosen teleprompter.

For the most flexible camera mounting systems and advanced cameras or lens, get a flexible teleprompter mounting system, which there are many in the market. Because of the increased flexibility in the mounting system, all lens and camera types can remain flush against the tripod head while still remaining centered on the glass. For example, if you are doing lots of pan and tilt work, the weight of the camera remains as close as possible to the tripod head, avoiding a pendulum effect and decreasing control of your tilt and pan. If you’re not sure if your camera, lens or tripod is appropriate for your choice of teleprompter, ask an expert salesperson.

For many teleprompter applications, there’s a simple script that’s prepared in advance, with one presenter and the script just has to scroll from start to finish at a speed that’s adjusted to keep pace with the presenter. Teleprompter software gives this functionality and more, like dual-screen functionality to reverse the script for the teleprompter monitor and simultaneously show it the right way up for the computer operator, plus the ability to import word documents, the ability to insert markers, and the ability to change the font, size, color and format of the script text. Different teleprompter software works on different kinds of computers and is included free with most teleprompter purchases.

If you need any more advanced functionality like run order management (for long scripts with various sections that you want to navigate to and edit easily and quickly), live edits (for last minute script changes while in prompt mode), or newsroom interfaces (for integration into an electric newsroom system to get live updates from the newsroom system via the teleprompter), you’ll have to purchase a quality software program. See if the speed can be controlled by a dedicated operator or the presenter themselves. There is a wide range of controller options, along with wired and wireless, hand and foot controls to cover whatever is needed.

Consider these main considerations and you’ll have a good idea of the product you need

There is a wide range of film teleprompter equipment in the world with various designs and specifications. If you’re still unsure about what you want and need after reading this teleprompter blog, call a teleprompter seller or teleprompter rental company in your area and they should be happy to serve you. They should be able to clearly explain the best available solution and price, regardless of your requirements and budget. And of course, at Neil Tanner Inc., we’re always ready to assist you. Contact us today.[/st_text][/st_column][/st_row]