Whew…I know I say this a lot:

“I love my job.”

Yesterday was an example of this, not just because I got to teleprompt for Hillary Clinton again, which was awesome, but also because of the awesome crew and the awesome audience that was there with me.

Hillary looked great on stage and rocked the crowd, btw… but being in an environment where the caliber of people attending was just so high, was fun on its own.

Yesterday’s conference was for the Professional BusinessWomen of California. Politicians, entrepreneurs, sports heroes, actresses, teachers, moms, and lawyers came from all over the state. They came for conferences, breakouts, and to share best practices. Four young women were celebrated as risk takers and business creators, and hence scholarship winners, too.

In short, these were some great people and great vibes. So, yes fellow attendees play a large part in how a show is perceived by the rest of the audience, the speakers, and well… me, too.

And working with a talented crew drawn from across the Bay Area is also a blast. I marvel at the skill and knowledge packed into this industry. So, going to work is always good, knowing I’m going to be working alongside people I truly admire, and who trust me with my role, too.

All of this is why I love my job and am grateful for those who ride along with me:)

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