Presidential teleprompters

Top 7 Tips for Using a Professional Teleprompter

A professional teleprompter, or Autocue as it is known in the British Commonwealth, can be a very helpful tool for speaking on camera – when used properly. While most business presenters are used to reading from notes on paper, they will appear less constricted and more relaxed when using a mirrored teleprompter on camera. In many instances where financial…

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Michael Bay’s CES meltdown from a teleprompter operator’s perspective

The awkward Michael Bay teleprompter moment has been shared worldwide, yet it could have been easily prevented. Director Michael Bay spoke briefly at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2014) to introduce the new large screen curved displays from Samsung. The talk was streamed live. Michael was supposed to read from a downstage monitor (DSM.) Apparently,…

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Teleprompting for Graduation or Commencement

I have a long history with commencement (aka graduation) ceremonies. This is because I used to play saxophone in the marching bands for both my high school and university. At least once a year, we’d perform ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ over and over while the seniors walked to receive their diplomas in the graduation ceremony. So…

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