Yup, emojis have crept into teleprompting!

This was a special circumstance, because the dialog was between two actors looking at camera. Their talk with my 20″ teleprompter  was rapid fire. Their names would actually take up too much space scrolling  on the screen.

Normally the solution is to just delete their names entirely and specify colors like what you see: Larry’s text is in Yellow, Mary’s text is in White etc

…but the talent wanted… emojis. And we try to make everyone happy.

So, I snuck online, found a site that is a copy/paste dictionary for emojis at a decent resolution… then asked the talent who they wanted to be…

A Unicorn and a Koala. Boom: find/ replace!

And that’s the story behind this image:)

Actually, the teleprompter software I use, Presentation Prompter, will allow for jpegs, too, so if you need to include a reference slide or the picture of a happy cat to make the talent smile… it’s now easy!!!

Yay technology!

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