A camera mounted teleprompter allows the speaker to look directly at the camera with their script superimposed on the lens. It appears to the audience that the speaker is making direct eye contact with them, and speaking from the heart. Teleprompter software takes a normal script file (like .doc, .docx, or .rtf) and converts it into large letters on a contrasting background. This signal is sent from a laptop, tablet, or even phones, through a cable to the teleprompter monitor. A teleprompter operator feathers the speed of the script to match the pace of the speaker. If the speaker slows or stops to adlib, then the operator will follow.

Nope. We have worked with people at all levels of experience. Some are seasoned professional speakers, and others are deep from the computer labs and totally new to speaking in front of people. The teleprompter allows you to focus on your delivery rather than memorizing. It is a great aid to getting your message across. We also offer training and pre-show rehearsal days.

We offer individual training and classes for people to excel with teleprompters either on camera or on stage. Contact us, and we’ll work it out with you. We’re also available to assist your own speaker coach with gear, too.

Scripts are best delivered the day before, via e-mail in .txt, .rtf, or .doc formats and in simple paragraph form. Don’t worry about the size or font.

Please remove extraneous visual or stage cues. PDF files can sometimes be copy protected, so please avoid that format as well as columns.

For the day of shoot or event, you can supply files to us on a USB drive, or give us wi-fi access and email it.

Yes. Cameras and attachments are always evolving. So are we. Tell us what you have, and we’ll come up with a great solution.

We have a variety of teleprompters that play well with standard broadcast cameras, DSLRs, RED cameras, Black Magic, Arri, or even film cameras, from short primes up to gigante Optimo zooms. Big matte boxes, filters, LiteRings, and follow focus rigs require some thought, but are normally usable. We’ve also successfully prompted using consumer cameras, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices too.

Rigging on a dolly is common, but so is Steadicam, slider, jib and handheld.

Yes we do. It makes for riveting results. We have an HD version which includes a second camera too.

The EyeLiner and EyeDirect are devices that superimpose the director’s image over the lens—much like an Interrotron. The EyeLiner is just an older version of the EyeDirect. We rent out the newest EyeDirect Mark II. It’s great: you’re in eye-contact-heaven. Body gestures too! The lens opening is 140mm.

The results are mostly the same. The Interrotron  requires electricity, an extra tripod, camera, cables and often a technician to set it up. However, for long interviews it’s best for the director to sit comfortably wherever they want and the Interrotron is perfect for this. With the Eyedirect, it’s quicker to set up, and can always be rented without a technician. It does however require the director to stand, sit, or squat at lens height for the duration of the take. While the director’s face is in the frame, the body is nearby, so body gestures are perfectly visible and useful. Just imagine how you would use your hands in a standard conversation. With the Interrotron, body gestures are visible depending on how the director is framed in the lens. It could be just the head, or whole torso.

Much of the world is adopting iPad for work and entertainment. And, admittedly, iPad prompters are great for one-man bands or really limited budgets. However, we would ask if it’s something you would want to put your CEO in front of.

The computer software we provide is time-tested and smooth, while our teleprompters are brighter, bigger, and created just for this purpose.

That really depends on your application, location, and what’s needed. What matters ultimately is that we have the right gear for all situations. With our many years of experience, we will make your speaker look their best.

What is that worth to you? We have had to rescue other operators before and have been amazed at how many companies call us after going with the cheapest route first.

Contact us and we’ll make sure you’re satisfied.

If your production is at a Local 16 facility, then, yes, we can be Union. Call us to see if we’re available, then request our specific associate in your Labor Call.

Absolutely. Normally we go out with the teleprompter systems, as we know all sorts of tricks and can help you in other areas, too. However, our teleprompter gear is available for rental and has been shipped around the world, including Australia, Hawaii, and the South Pole. Training is available for all systems and required for some of the more technical rigs. Of course, we’re also available for phone assistance when you are using the gear on site.  The client is responsible for delivery and return. However, for an additional fee, we can do delivery, assembly, and return.

You certainly could. We find, though, that when people buy systems, the equipment sits on the shelves for most of the year, and their needs change. Also, interns and production assistants who know how to operate these systems come and go. We will always have the quality gear and services you need right now.

If you do need to purchase one, feel free to ask us and try out one of ours first. Please, please, please do not simply buy the cheapest prompter product.

We speak enough French and Spanish to have confidently prompted en español and en français. We have also worked in German, Italian, Czech, Portuguese, and even Chinese characters. Do we know what they just said in Portuguese? Honestly, no. But what matters is that we can follow their pace perfectly. We’ve also trained native speakers of other languages to operate our systems on site. Any language character set is available. Our gear and our team continue to fly around the world.

There is a 100% cancellation fee with less than 24 hours notice.

Overtime is calculated as 1.5X after ten hours, or 2X after twelve hours.

We get paid within 30 days net, except for rentals and political events, which are due when services are rendered.

Because we bring substantial gear, drive time is included in our working hours. However, 30 minutes and 30 miles from the center of SF are free in each direction.

Mileage is 56 cents per mile. Sacramento is a flat $50 round trip from San Francisco 🙂

Parking rates vary.

Oh, and if you’re buying crew lunch, Neil is a vegetarian:) Thanks.