The answer is a good editor and teleprompter software of course:)

Most editing software can make scrolling titles for your credits. However, when you need to match what a presenter is saying at a live event, that’s another matter. The presenter could be perfectly in sync with the video which is what most people plan on.

But what if people applaud, and the presenter pauses, so now the timing gets off. Or if there’s a difficult name to pronounce or the presenter sneezes or needs to take a drink of water. Sync is lost for good.
You could also try playing the video but shuttle the speed, but that results in tracking and shuttle errors.

My solution was to use a teleprompter and adjust the scroll speed, live as needed.

I was given this task by a local hospital celebrating its employees’ service. They had tried many things in past awards and were disappointed. They asked me what I could do, and together we came up with scrolling.

The spreadsheet they gave me from HR needed quite a bit of editing. Abbreviations had to be expanded, job titles were standardized, the first and last name columns needed to be reversed, then merged into only one column, and finally to alphabetize seven categories of names within the larger total list. I learned how to do the work in Excel thanks to helpful experts on YouTube. Thanks folks!

Once I re-formatted the spreadsheet, I had the client double check my progress. After that, I moved the file over to my favorite teleprompting software, “Presentation Prompter.” I changed the size, color, and certain words to Bold to fit in with other graphics at the event. After some tests with the projector on-site, we further changed the font sizes and spacing.

Doing a rehearsal was mandatory, so that the presenter and I could get a sense of our pacing together. We fixed and issues and then did a great show.

The client was happy and brought us back for this year.

I wanted to share the tips I learned in this process so that if you ever need to scroll text live and match a presenter reading the words, you now know what to do.

Thanks for reading!

About Neil Tanner

Neil began teleprompting in 1993. He saw that speakers were much more comfortable with the right teleprompter, operator, and training. He’s since served thousands of delighted celebrities, politicians, CEOs, and other great speakers. Neil acquired better gear and associates over time to better serve more clients. We get comments from clients saying that they appreciate how engaged our team is, how we're their "secret weapon." We only want you to have the best experience on-camera and on-stage.