I speak enough French and Spanish to edit and prompt comfortably in those languages, and can prompt others like Portuguese, German, and Italian at a professional level by simply listening in. I also prompt Mandarin in Pinyin-which means the words are phonetically spelled with Roman characters.

However, today the client didn’t prepare for this. So, I loaded the characters into the prompter, and that part worked fine. (Thanks Apple!) But as you can imagine, I was faced with pages of these characters, not recognizing a single word.

It turns out, the trick with Chinese characters was to focus intently and listen for punctuation and pauses. (And I mean reeeeeal intently.) Surprisingly, it worked great!

With any non-English script, I always recommend a native speaker be there, in addition to the talent. This lets someone listen for the smoothness and any errors that the talent might not notice while presenting.

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About Neil Tanner. Neil is an internationally known teleprompter operator, owner, trainer, and fabricator. He’s prompted and trained thousands of people around the world to look confident & natural when presenting. Clients include the CEOs of Apple, Facebook, and Google, plus Governors, Presidents, and First Ladies. Neil Tanner is based in San Francisco and loves serving the world with remote or in-person teleprompting & training services.