Teleprompter Rates 7/1/17

Operator Full Day: (<10hrs) $550

Operator Half day: $350 (ONLY for established clients, non-profits, & “portal to portal < 5 hrs”)

Operator OT: (10+11hrs) $82.50/hr

Operator OT: (>12 hours) $110/hr

Standard camera mounted or freestanding Teleprompter with laptop: (7″, 10″, 15″, 19″, 20″ 16:9, 22″ 16:9 ) $250/day

High bright teleprompter: (10″, 15″ & 19″, 20″ 16:9) Add $100/day

Additional teleprompter (any size) Add $200/day

Teleprompter laptop only: (with Word, Pages, PowerPoint, Keynote installed) $100/day

iPad prompter: (iPad and prompting app not included) $125/day unmanned, $150/day with iPad and apps

Interrotron: (with two 19″ HD monitors & hoods, C-stands, backdrop, light, and HD camcorder) $400/day Typically with an operator

EyeDirect: $150/day typically unmanned

Basic Presidential Teleprompter: (Two 15″ or 19″ monitors, mirrors, all cables, primary and backup teleprompter laptops) $400

Deluxe Presidential: (Basic package plus highbright monitor upgrade, UPS, and printer) $600

Premium Presidential:  (Deluxe package plus TeleStepper) $900

TeleStepper (Robotic Presidential poles) $250 additional to Basic prez system or unmanned rental

Down Stage Monitors: (aka DSM, musician, lyric, or concert prompter) with stand and laptops

     • 24″ $250/single, additional monitor $75/each (currently own four, can get more)

     • 27″ $300/single, additional monitor $150/each (currently own two, can get more)

     • 50″ $400/single, additional monitor $300/each (currently own two, can get more)

Printer & one ream of paper: $35/day

Uninterrupted Power Supply: (UPS) $35/day

Wireless slide advancer: (for PowerPoint and Keynote) $15/day

Battery system: $25/day

Shipping: client’s responsibility from Zip Code 94132, insured both ways

Operator Driving: after 30 minute each direction gratis: flat time ($55/hr)

Delivery: (Set-up or tear-down of unmanned rental equipment) $55/hr 3 hour minimum

Parking: typically $35/day but varies per location

Mileage: (outside 35 mile radius/ round trip is 70) $ .56/mile

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