Online video producers today have many reasons to rent a teleprompter for the betterment of their business. Know 5 reasons to avail of teleprompter services.

Teleprompter rental has many uses

Today’s generation of online video producers has to make sure that their products are unscripted, extemporaneous, spontaneous and authentic. And, at times, unscripted offers a great way to shoot video. Consider this situation: you paid a studio, some camera crew and special equipment, and your presenter is good to go. You have furnished him his speaking notes, but he says he do not need them. However, an hour into the shoot and everyone is seeing that things are not going as well as they should. The presenter now starts to glance at his notes, but it is obvious that he is still having a hard time delivering them because his notes were worded differently. What should you do?

To put this simply, video segments that are off the cut are fast becoming more popular today as companies are now working to build their brands by communicating in a way that is less structured and less formal, working to engage their audience in a more personal approach. Gone are those days where structure and formality are the norm. Corporate presentations and company overviews now lend themselves well to a format where the business executive, staff member or any representative might deliver an unscripted but heartfelt explanation of what exactly makes their company great.

However, if you have a good plan on what you want to get from the video, you can experience huge success with this kind of video production. You just have to determine who you will deliver it too, have a good set of talking points for reference, and a quality presenter who is comfortable with an unscripted format. On the other hand, When shooting for a long presentation or one that is complicated, a detailed product demo or a presenter who has minimal experience in front of the camera, it might be best to rent a teleprompter. Here are five reasons where a teleprompter rental is worth the investment.

1. Using a professional presenter

If your presenter is not an expert on the subject matter, they might have to memorize a script that can be hard to read or do well from a teleprompter.

2. Having a long presentation

The longer the video presentation is, the longer is every speaking piece in the video will be, and the greater is the need for you to rent a teleprompter. You only have to sit in a single session where the presenter stumbles over the right delivery for a long time so you realize that you should rent a teleprompter.

3. Delivering complex presentations

Product demos, technical presentations and other presentations that require a lot of different verbal and physical actions happening at the same time would greatly benefit from a teleprompter. Product managers and business owners know their products better than anyone, but this holds no guarantee that they can give a professional and fluid read in complex requirements.

4. Giving a front of the camera experience

Your best trade show person can be a good pitchman in front of an audience, but all these can change if they are scheduled to talk in front of a camera under the glare of lights without anyone giving feedback. If it is right for the needs of your business, shooting them talking to someone on or off screen is a good compromise.

5. Failure is not an option

This is the best reason to rent a teleprompter. If you are investing so much time and effort for a video shoot, if you are working on a tight schedule, or if you have asked for the senior executive and business owner time to shoot the video, getting a teleprompter rental might save the day.

The one problem is that, unless you have seen the presented on camera before, you would not really know just how unscripted the format will go

In this case, a video production company should guide you on when and where to use a teleprompter. However, if you will do the video yourself, you can rent a teleprompter from an equipment rental store, which mostly comes with a teleprompter operator, or just buy the equipment yourself. If you have any plans of doing in-house videos, this would be a good option. You will just have to train someone else to use the software, which should not be that hard.

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