We honestly love assisting our clients with a teleprompter.

Our Smallest camera teleprompter, in studio mode

Teleprompting gives your talent the opportunity to connect with the audience in a powerful yet subtle way. It saves them from memorizing large chunks of text. They can just to be themselves: appearing natural and confident.

Teleprompting has evolved over the years with newer, lighter, brighter screens and more robust software. It’s great for last minute script changes and for when the text must be exact.

Skype Interrtron MirrorCam™ through a teleprompter

There’s more you can do with a teleprompter these days. You can feed the text as you would normally, but also put in Powerpoint or Keynote slides, the live video of an interviewer, or even the photo of an ideal customer.

Please contact us today so we can help you and your client look the best through using a teleprompter.