Special Events

POV commencement teleprompter

With presidential prompters, speakers look at the audience, instead of their notes. Important names and facts are always included. Last minute edits are easy.

And since you know what they’ll say, your event ends on time.

Keynote speakers for commencements and graduation ceremonies will often request presidential teleprompters in their contract. Why not make this easy-to-use tool, available for all of your presenters?

We serve world-class presenters to speak with power and authenticity.

Join UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Stanford, UF, with Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, plus current and past White House administrations.

Wherever you’re located, we’ll make your special event, special.

Learn how our friendly team of skilled teleprompter operators can save you time and money.

About Neil Tanner

Neil began teleprompting in 1993. He saw that speakers were much more comfortable with the right teleprompter, operator, and training. He’s since served thousands of delighted celebrities, politicians, CEOs, and other great speakers. Neil acquired better gear and associates over time to better serve more clients. We get comments from clients saying that they appreciate how engaged our team is, how we're their "secret weapon." We only want you to have the best experience on-camera and on-stage.