Super fun gig!

While I was hiking in the forest in the middle of nowhere, where I thought I had no cell phone coverage, the silence was broken when I got a call from a pleasant British sounding voice, asking if we had ever heard of a teleprompter for a Steadicam. “Yup, we’ve done that pairing at least 100 times,” I responded. Will Lyte, the Steadicam operator, was amazed, as it wasn’t a common request.

The gig happened two days later and we first demoed an eyebrow (above the lens) prompter system, but when the client asked for a mirrored/ lens solution, we went to our trusted PromptBox and did a quick re-rig. We used our IDX HDMI transmitter/receiver (similar to a Teradek) to send teleprompter signal from laptop TO the camera, (since normally video signal comes FROM the camera.)

We also used a cool setup that allowed us to power the IDX receiver from an Anton-Bauer Power-tap/USB converter that Will provided, and used our regular P-tap to power our monitor.

Update: we now use all Teradek systems. While IDX is great, we needed to standardize with local Assistant Camera techs.

Yay! Worked like a charm, no dropouts or hits. This was critical since the executive had limited time with us and had a hard “out-time” just 30 minutes later.

Thanks to Danger Charles and Will Lyte for the professional assistance and the opportunity to work on a fun gig!

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About Neil Tanner. Neil is an internationally known teleprompter operator, owner, trainer, and fabricator. He’s prompted and trained thousands of people around the world to look confident & natural when presenting. Clients include the CEOs of Apple, Facebook, and Google, plus Governors, Presidents, and First Ladies. Neil Tanner is based in San Francisco and loves serving the world with remote or in-person teleprompting & training services.