Today was a reshoot with the football great, Steve Young.

We’ve worked together many times over the years, and he’s always professional, humorous, and a great read. He just wants to power through the script. Today was interesting in that I had to supply three teleprompters… one for the main camera, another for an off-camera walk, and a third portable teleprompter for the news crew covering the behind-the-scenes. This is where I get to really test myself, running cables for multiple signals, working with a variety of cameras and crews, and pushing it to the limit, while still doing a professional job. I love working at that level, and with such a great team of clients and crew. What made it challenging, and let this be a cautionary tale, was that the script was delivered as a pdf of the storyboards. Cutting and pasting took me almost an hour, with time spent with the script supervisor to make sure everything was correct.

Today was also a great example of why color is so important in choosing teleprompter software. We used words in magenta so that Steve knew to either wave his hand or tap the tablet in his hands. In other situations, I use colors when putting screen direction, or titles of the actors or scenes, so that the speaker knows not to read them aloud.

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About Neil Tanner

Neil began teleprompting in 1993. He saw that speakers were much more comfortable with the right teleprompter, operator, and training. He’s since served thousands of delighted celebrities, politicians, CEOs, and other great speakers. Neil acquired better gear and associates over time to better serve more clients. We get comments from clients saying that they appreciate how engaged our team is, how we're their "secret weapon." We only want you to have the best experience on-camera and on-stage.